Planckian at IQT Nordics 2024

We’re glad to announce that Planckian will take part to the upcoming IQT Nordics!

Held in Espoo, Finland, the conference features sessions on innovations driving quantum computer platforms forward, development of large-scale QPU’s, technologies enabling scaling of quantum computing, commercializing quantum applications, investment needs, and global quantum ecosystems. Over 60 speakers and exhibiting organizations from the Nordic region and around the world will participate.

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Marco Polini, will be on stage June 25 to deliver a keynote on our latest advancement and to participate on a round table alongside quantum computing expert to discuss the challenges and advantages of the physical platforms currently in use to develop scalable quantum computers.

June 25 – 13:20 EEST

Talk: A globally-driven energy efficient superconducting quantum computing architecture

June 25 – 14:10 EEST

Panel: potential of different qubit technologies when scaling up quantum computer

Full event schedule available at