We push the boundaries of quantum science by working at the center of a world-class ecosystem

We have always been inspired by the relentless curiosity that has fueled the brilliant minds behind quantum revolutions.

It led them through the intricate dance of particles and waves.

It shaped their ambition to imagine a future of limitless possibilities and disruptive technological advancements.

Any revolution thrives on the cross-pollination of ideas and the collective efforts of visionary innovators.

We are on a mission to advance science and technology by bringing together our unique expertise and the best scientists and partners.

Our Values

We are scientists at heart

We value open collaboration and intellectual curiosity.

We are relentlessly asking questions, seeking out new information and challenging ourselves to think in new, creative ways.

We believe in applying the highest standard to our scientific effort.

We are

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible requires a fresh and visionary outlook and the ambition to play the long game.

We firmly believe any breakthrough comes through by applying first-principle thinking and asking powerful questions.

We are
team players

We are committed to developing a collaborative working environment, where everyone feels respected and valued.

We foster a culture of cooperation, we take ownership and work hard to provide new opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Partners