Revolutionary energy control at the nanoscale

Quantum-powered energy management

Quantum batteries rely on quantum particles, such as qubit, to store energy.

These particles move from low-energy to high-energy state by absorbing photons.

Unlike conventional batteries, it’s a dynamic which does not involve movement of electrons or ions.

It’s purely driven by quantum mechanics.

Lightning fast energy transfer

By exploiting quantum effects, particles can reach their high-energy level collectively and in a timeframe that gets shorter as their number increase.  

Here is where the revolution takes place: the larger the battery, the faster it charges.

To unlock this groundbreaking feature, a full set of protocols and parameters should be controlled.

Scalable architecture, by design

Quantum states are inherently fragile. 

Today’s quantum technologies demand complex system architecture to balance control and addressability while preserving quantum coherence.

In quantum batteries, the controlled transition between energy levels can be achieved with a streamlined setup.

A new chapter in quantum revolution

Quantum batteries stand as a cross-domain effort at the forefront of applied quantum technologies.

Planckian is built on a decade of joint advanced research in materials science and quantum physics, with a leadership that pioneered the first fundamental design of this new class of technologies. 

Our long term aim is to pave the way for a future paradigm shift, opening up innovative and captivating possibilities in the field of energy management.